Matchmaking between European cybersecurity scaleups and Spanish Companies


EIT Digital and Empresa & Sociedad are proud to organise a B2B meeting on cybersecurity on November 8. This event gives you an excellent opportunity to meet Europe’s forerunner cybersecurity scaleups.

In the event, a group of circa 10 scaleups will be presented and will hold meetings with a select group of Spanish companies interested in establishing business commercial relationships.

EIT Digital is a leading European open innovation organisation that brings together a partnership of over 130 top European corporations, SMEs, start-ups, universities and research institutes. EIT Digital invests in strategic areas to accelerate market uptake of research-based digital technologies and to bring entrepreneurial talent and leadership to Europe. EIT Digital headquarters are in Brussels with co-location centres in Berlin, Budapest, Eindhoven, Helsinki, London, Madrid, Paris, Stockholm, Trento and a hub in Silicon Valley.

Our event is aimed at companies from any sector looking for cybersecurity solutions to acquire, commercial partnerships or collaboration opportunities with the leading European scaleups in this field. If your organisation feels as belonging to this group, you are most welcome to register and specify your interest in cybersecurity allowing us to organize tailor made individual meetings for you. Priority will be given to those companies best suited to the objectives of the meeting, which priority is to foster client-supplier relations.

The selected EIT Digital scaleups taking part in the matchmaking are especially interested in entering the Spanish market:

  • App-Ray (Austria), fully automated mobile security application.
  • Copsonic (France), technology that allows communication and interaction between two devices using sound waves.
  • CyberTrap (Austria), an advanced highly-interactive deception technology
  • Digiflak (Estonia), a device to manage certificates and encrypt files without passwords.
  • IdenProtect (UK), conversion of consumer technology into secure and reliable business technology.
  • Open Cloud (Spain), network access control and innovative cloud security solutions.
  • Origone (UK), integrated cybersecurity platform, artificial intelligence and algorithms.
  • Red Border (Spain), Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) in real time and cyber security platform based on big data and open source.

EIT Digital regularly and systematically organizes these types of forums in the main European cities, now again in Madrid with a format similar to the Empresa&Sociedad “Breakfast with Ideas” .



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