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New giving vehicles and tools

junio 13 @ 14:00 - 15:00

New giving vehicles and tools

New giving vehicles and tools have proliferated in recent years.

The conventional foundation model is being supplemented by the growth of donor advised funds, limited liability companies and personalised giving services.

At the same time, technology is providing more direct means of fundraising and giving and bringing in new people as donors and beneficiaries.

Depending on their level of development, different regions have devised their own vehicles.


Some questions

What are the implications of these changes and what lies behind them? Is the conventional foundation model being supplanted?

Are new means of individual giving transcending donor-grantee divides and producing a move towards greater democracy in philanthropy?

Conversely, are new institutional forms making philanthropy more opaque?


Expert panel




International philanthropy in Empresa y Sociedad

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