Empresa&Sociedad announces COMPRENDEDOR Awards 2017


Empresa&Sociedad announces COMPRENDEDOR Awards 2017, for B2B startups specially successful in their commercial activity with big companies.

This year they celebrate their fourth edition.

The objective is to show that it is possible to grow with an innovative product, even if the company is young. And, as a consequence, generate a double effect:

  • Help to accelerate customers for B2B entrepreneurs.
  • Provide an innovative way for companies to address their key priorities: B2B entrepreneur solutions.

The Awards are organized in four modalities, defined according to the type of business priorities to which entrepreneurs offer their solutions:

  • Business Development, Marketing and Communication
  • Human capital
  • Operations and Processes
  • Technology

In each modality, the Awards will reward the entrepreneur with an innovative product that has a greater potential or that has experienced greater growth in business clients since its beginning.

The Awards consist of public recognition, communication campaign and priority in day to day Empresa&Sociedad promotional activities with Spanish key companies.

COMPRENDEDOR Awards are open to B2B international startups interested in Spanish Business Market

The BASES can be consulted through this link, which indicates that the first step is to complete and send out this form. Empresa&Sociedad will contact afterwards to send the Application Form and solve any doubts. The deadline for submission of the Application Form will be on July 10 (12:00 noon), 2017.

The call is free, thanks to the sponsors of the Awards.

An independent Jury will evaluate the applications comparatively considering mainly two criteria:

  • Innovation
  • Real or potential growth in business customers from the beginning.

In addition, the Jury will take into account if the entrepreneur collaborates with other entrepreneurs and that participates actively in initiatives of impulse and support to the world of entrepreneurship.

In 2016, 104 applications were submitted and 11 business partners participated.

The Awards ceremony will be on November 24, 2017 (12:00) in Madrid (auditorio de Mutua Madrileña (Castellana 33)).


Join us

  • If you are a B2B entrepreneur, submit your application. But you can also invite other top entrepreneurs from your environment. Your customers will grow!
  • If you are an investor, invite your best B2B entrepreneurs to apply. It will increase the value of your investments!
  • If you are a training, incubation or acceleration program, also invite your B2B entrepreneurs. They will accelerate your business customers!
  • If you know good entrepreneurs, send them this call. You will be interested!

In addition, it will be good for them and to improve the entrepreneurial ecosystem!

Thank you for submitting this information.


Empresa&Sociedad B2B

The Awards are an activity of Empresa&Sociedad, from which we offer external vision and entrepreneurial solutions for business priorities.

We start with this question for Companies: what are your business challenges?  Then we organize a tailor made session with solutions from selected entrepreneurs to propose solutions and develop them in collaboration with their teams (Open Challenge).

We rely on a Permanent Observatory (system of identification, analysis and selection) of B2B entrepreneurs with products of high growth potential. From it, Empresa&Sociedad provides companies with a complementary way of innovation to that of their internal teams and traditional consultants. On the other hand, we help B2B startus to accelerate customers, considering that they do not usually have business opportunities in their beginnings because they do not meet the usual requirements of the large companies’ purchasing processes.

370 B2B entrepreneurs, more than 550 business executives and 125 accelerators / programs / investors participated in our activities in 2016.

This is a unique niche in the entrepreneurial world, where forums focus on incubation and investment in the early stages but there are hardly any actors working to bring the entrepreneurial and business ecosystem closer together through products and services.


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COMPRENDEDOR Awards 2017 Partners:

  • Bankia
  • Mutua Madrileña

Previous awarded startups:

  • Citibox
  • JoinUp
  • PrideCom
  • Surus Inversa
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